Our 20 Step Proactive Approach

1. PRICE: Comparative Market Analysis to determine market value. Smart pricing will attract more           buyers to view your home, sell faster and achieve the best sales price.

2. DECLUTTER: You will feel better letting go of items you no longer need. Visually our minds like seeing         less STUFF, which will give the appearance of a nicer and even LARGER space.
3. CLEANING: We will coordinate services needed.
4. STAGING: Complimentary consultation including elements of Feng Shui to assist you on ideas on       how to showcase your homes best!!! 
5. LANDSCAPING:  We will coordinate services needed.

6. REPAIRS:  We will coordinate services needed.

7. HD PHOTOGRAPHS: Complimentary professional services provided.

8. HD VIDEO:  Complimentary professional service to showcase your neighbourhood and local                 community lifestyle. 
9. FLOOR PLANS: Complimentary professional services provided.
10. DRONE: Home properties where applicable.
11. DOCUMENTS: Collect, order strata documents & Oil Scan Certificate
12. COLOURED BROCHURE: Using high resolution images, we describe your property and                     neighbourhood highlights on a high quality gloss paper.

13. SIGNAGE: Wooden Post and Sutton West Coast Team MB Aluminum Sign.

14. ONLINE: Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Realtor.ca, Sutton.com, TeamMB.ca, REW.ca,                         Craigslist, Kijiji, etc. 

15. SOCIAL MEDIA: YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linken
16. SNEAK PEAK OPEN HOUSE: Invite your neighbours prior to MLS Public viewing.
17. AGENTS OPEN: Invite our office, our network of realtors and their qualified buyers.
18. PUBLIC OPEN: As needed and if a client would like.
19. COMMUNICATION: We keep you informed every step of the way with buyer feedback, follow up        on inquiries, update on any changes in the market place by text, email and/or call. We have                  strong negotiation skills and present offers in person to sellers when given the opportunity.
20. COMPLETION: We follow up with Lawyers, Notaries, Conveyancing and Mortgage Broker to               ensure all documents and funds have been received. We ensure all cheques are hand delivered.