Miguel Bertello


Miguel Bertello, based in Vancouver, Canada is a Real Estate Agent for Sutton West Coast Realty, Canada’s Largest Real Estate Broker. Miguel’s mission is to meet and exceed his client’s expectations. When he tells a client that  he  works  differently  than  any  other  realtor,  he  means  it.  Working  with  him  will virtually guarantee you two things: one is that your house will sell, and two, you will end up with more money. That you can get any other way Personal experience has taught Miguel that long gone are the days when simply listing a house was all that was needed to sell it. This is especially true in a market downturn. The  secret  to real  estate  isn’t  a  secret  any  more,  only  knowledgeable  proactive  hard work is the key. Miguel empowers each and every one of his clients by taking decisions together based on the information. That’s why you need to have the right advisor to help you to make the best possible decisions. So  let  us  hear  your  personal  situation  and  we  will  find  the  best  solution  for  you.  No doubt about it.